Client agrees that if any legal proceedings are brought against L&L Wedding Rental, to recover compensation for injuries to individuals or damages to personal property occurring in connection with the event, Client will provide a defense for L&L Wedding Rental  and any of its employees named in such proceedings and will indemnify L&L Wedding Rental  and its employees for any judgment rendered against them.




RENTER MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE EQUIPMENT’S MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Renter’s sole remedy for any failure of or defect in the equipment shall be the termination of the rental charges at the time of failure, provided the rental equipment is returned to the Renter within 24 hours after such failure. Renter shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to Client or Client’s property, including incidental, special or consequential damages, in any way connected with the operation, use, defect in or failure of the equipment. Be sure all equipment is returned according to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The Client is solely responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of failure to meet these conditions. All collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, or any expense involved in the collection of rental charges will be Client’s responsibility.


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