Registry Stand

Registry Stand

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  • Durable, commercial grade equipment
  • Available in silver finish
  • Made in the USA


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A register stand is the perfect way to display your guest book or other important materials. This beautiful design will look splendid alongside other elegant décor. It even comes in our four high quality finishes, including onyx bronze, brass, nickel and white. Choose a color that blends with your venue or candelabra collection so your party or ceremony looks well pulled together as guests arrive.

The register stand is visually appealing and looks far more exquisite than laying the book or papers flat on a table. The top is white and features a rectangular surface with a gentle slope. The angle makes jotting down names and short messages much easier. A short ledge protrudes from the lower half to prevent the table's contents from sliding onto the floor. Four sturdy legs reach the ground with a single support bar running between the left and right sides. A gorgeous scrollwork pattern covers each side with two distinct twists that entwine around the back of the stand.

Sophisticated arrangements and a practical function make this a must-have item for venue owners, churches and party planners. The stand is small enough to fit into a corner or tight space but beautiful enough to catch guests' eyes so the book or sheets don't go unsigned! The shape is also ideal for use as a luxurious podium. The sturdy ledge keeps materials and books in place so the host, guest of honor or instructor can easily reference their notes with a quick glance. This unit measures 23" wide by 8" deep and 43" high and folds for easy storage.

Data sheet

  • Height - 100
  • Width - 100
  • Weight - 100


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