56" Empire Columns

56" Empire Columns

Product Description


  • 7 inch diameter, 56 inches tall, 9.5 inch cap, 10.5 inch base
  • Rotationally molded from durable polyethylene to resist chips, scratches and cracks
  • Immune to water, ice and snow for indoor-outdoor placement
  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Available in white. 
  • Made in the USA


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Proudly showcase every part of your big day with our handsome Empire columns! This model offers 56" of pure, timeless beauty. The exterior features many lovely patterns that are found in many architectural masterpieces from century's past. Introduce more class and sophistication to your wedding reception, ceremony or any other important event with these enchanting pieces set in up corners, around entryways or near aisles.

The column is much more than a decoration. It is a unique photo opportunity and atmosphere enhancer. The design favors luxurious scrolls and delicate lines that make guests want to reach out and touch its smooth scratch and chip resistant surface. Purchase multiple to create a unique layout for formal pictures. We also offer many high quality arches and accessories that can make this item even more breathtaking when displayed together!

Each edge, corner and curl is waterproof so you can erect columns in open air venues. These products are meant for temporary outdoor display only. We recommend keeping them inside after the festivities have concluded. The single piece item is made of strong polyethylene that gives it ideal definition without adding unnecessary weight.

A square 10.5" bottom keeps the towering pillar in an upright position without leaning or swaying. The straight corners give way to a 7" diameter stem. The top forms a Temple of Minerva Polias style capital with 9.5" platform. Place light urns or vases full of dangling vines or blossoms or display as is.

Data sheet

  • Height - 100
  • Width - 100
  • Weight - 100


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