15-Light Fan Floor Traditional Candelabra - Nickel

15-Light Fan Floor Traditional Candelabra - Nickel

Product Description

  • Durable, commercial grade equipment
  • Available in silver finish Protective acrylic coating prevents tarnishing
  • To clean, wipe down with a dry cloth (do not use harsh chemicals or brass cleaner)
  • Made in the USA


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A 15 light fan floor candelabra is an excellent way to add class and style to any party space. This handsome design features a high candle count that will provide natural light in your venue. No matter how plain or ornate the area you use may be, this exquisite candelabra will look stunning! Your guests will appreciate the soft glow of candle wicks, which help make the atmosphere a little more welcoming and intimate.

The fan design includes a single row of 15 candle holders which stretch from left to right. Parallel arcs are supported by short vertical lengths which curl up and over the topmost bar. The dramatic "C" shape created enhances nearby décor while providing a place for the dainty taper holder to rest. Each consists of a basic drip plate and prongs so your taper candles stay in place without any additional equipment. Check out our line of high quality tapers so you have plenty of luminaries to accommodate all 15 holders on this beautiful arrangement.

The fan candelabra is available in white, nickel, onyx bronze and brass finishes. Each is covered in a protective layer of acrylic so you can enjoy it for many years without tarnishing. Never use brass cleaner on this item because it can deteriorate the coating. Adjusts to any height between 64" and 88" and features a 55" width and 19" diameter. Four sturdy scrollwork feet keep the base upright and prevent tipping or leaning when properly assembled.

Data sheet

  • Height - 100
  • Width - 100
  • Weight - 100


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