7-Light Fan Floor Candelabra - Teardrop

7-Light Fan Floor Candelabra - Teardrop

Product Description

  • Durable, commercial grade equipment
  • Available in silver finish
  • Protective acrylic coating prevents tarnishing
  • To clean, wipe down with a dry cloth (do not use harsh chemicals or brass cleaner)
  • Made in the USA


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A 7 light fan floor candelabra is a wonderful way to brighten your party area. A gentle golden glow will emanate throughout the room or hall and give your guests a warm feeling each time they see it. Candle have been used as a part of ceremonies and parties for centuries. Even now that we no longer rely on primitive means of illumination, we still turn to the soft flicker of an open flame to enhance atmosphere and set the mood during social gatherings.

This 7 light floor candelabra is an excellent way to safely add the charm of candle light to your event. Whether you are saying your vows, honoring a loved one or hosting a professional event, this elegant light source is guaranteed to impress.. The design favors a graceful scrollwork that is prominent along the top and bottom. Four curled feet stretch horizontally to provide balance and support for the wider upper half. Two elongated "S" shapes bend out from either side at the top, supporting a trio of glass teardrop votive holders each. A lone candle holder is added to the top of the narrow stem, making a total of seven spaces for votives or floating candles.

The arms measure 31" wide while the base has a 19" diameter. Adjust the straight middle to a height of 57" or raise it to any height up to 86". Brass, onyx bronze, white and nickel finishes are available so you can create the perfect combination of color and lighting.


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