Eiffel Tower Vase 24 In White

Eiffel Tower Vase 24 In White

Made from heavy duty glass and is a top choice for flower shops & wedding planner. 


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Eiffel Tower Vase 24 in White


This slim, footed vase is the perfect match for tall, slender floral arrangements. The milk-colored interior of the Eiffel Tower Vase softens its appearance; making it ideal for dusty sprays, spring pastel blooms, or frilled blossoms. Use as a regal display in your home, or as a towering centerpiece at a wedding reception. This cylinder stands 20” tall, with a top diameter measuring 1 3/4” in diameter, and an opening of 1.5” in diameter. The base measures 3.75” square. Because this vase is blown glass, there may be a very slight variation in its measurements. 


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