15-Light Fan Floor Teardrop Candelabra - Nickel

15-Light Fan Floor Teardrop Candelabra - Nickel

Product Description

  • Durable, commercial grade equipment
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Available in brass, silver, white, and onyx bronze finishes
  • Protective acrylic coating prevents tarnishing
  • To clean, wipe down with a dry cloth (do not use harsh chemicals or brass cleaner)
  • Made in the USA


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Elegant and functional, our 15 light fan floor candelabra presents a beautiful way to add a subtle light source to any venue. The design is extravagant without becoming a hazard to guests. Enjoy this product in one of four finishes, including brass, white, nickel and onyx bronze. Professional party planners and venue managers can select a model that matches their existing décor or put together a set with our accessories in matching colors. Individuals can also appreciate the variety because each is versatile enough work for any type of event. Buy these for a wedding then use them again for anniversaries, graduations and any other important life event!

The design begins with four reliable feet which curl down to the floor. Straight arms cling to a single metal piece that forms more dramatic "C" shapes that seem to grow upwards to give the base a symmetrical quality. The straight middle adjusts to any height from 64" to 88". A pair of arcs sit one on top of the other, separated by vertical bars that curl up over the top to display teardrop glass votive holders. Additional scrollwork pieces stretch from stem to arc on two sides. The fan top measures 55" wide while the base includes a 19" diameter.

Place your favorite votive or floating candles (not included) inside the crystal clear holders. Personalize the look by using colored candles or attach a decorative piece to the middle. Ribbons, bouquets and vines all look stunning alongside the beautiful metal and glass of this sophisticated candelabra!

Data sheet

  • Height - 100
  • Width - 100
  • Weight - 100


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